Crypto Baristas
Season 2 White Paper

From Farm to Cup - The First All-Encompassing Caffeine Experience

The Goal

"Crypto Baristas is looking to partner with an established farm in Honduras to invest and improve on the farm and producer's operations through transparency, sustainability, processing improvements, and working toward winning the Cup of Excellence in Honduras."


Our sustainability efforts will directly tie back to the mission of establishing a transparent farmgate price for our partner farm in Honduras. Our efforts will expand beyond simple "fair trade" pricing and paying above market value for coffee. Sustainability also means ensuring long-term success for the farm and producers through direct investment in their processing and working with them to achieve the ultimate accolade in coffee—winning the Cup of Excellence.


Coffee served at the physical Coffee Bros. locations will be sourced from our partner farm. The coffee will hold the highest level of transparency because we will display the farmgate price and production costs. The more often this type of "data" is surfaced, marketed, and pushed for by consumers, the higher the likelihood it will be adopted by other coffee companies.

Social Responsibility

Our social responsibility efforts are to improve payment structures and the physical and mental health of those who work on the farm.


Latest statistics from the International Labor Organization (
• Average coffee wages are far below average country wages and lower than
the average wages paid in the agricultural sector.
• Women in the coffee sector earn substantially less than men.
• Labor-intensive jobs can push beyond 50-hours a week
• Major safety concerns from; long working hours, stress, sun exposure,
musculoskeletal injuries, and hearing loss.

Coffee Production

Our goal is to produce the #1 ranked coffee in Honduras. A large portion of the
investments on the farm will go toward coffee production and post-harvest processing methods.


The area of focus is two-fold. Our goal is to produce the highest-scoring coffee that the farm can achieve through new and innovative processing methods that will allow us to compete in highly visible coffee competitions. The investments and accolades from winning a coffee competition will ultimately drive up the product's value, increase the farmgate price, and provide additional funding toward social and environmental initiatives.

Environmental Impact

In the last 30 years, the growing demand for coffee has led to a 60% increase in production, leading to countless environmental issues throughout the coffee-producing world.


Major concerns in water usage and deforestation have led to our focus areas when looking at the environmental impact of this initiative. Our focus will be to continue reforestation efforts across the coffee-producing world (with One Tree Planted) and double down on the same goals at our partner facilities.

Giving Back to Coffee

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