Meet The Season 2
Crypto Baristas

Launching June 2022

Rarity Levels

Crypto Baristas have three rarity levels

World Barista Champ

World Barista Champ

These characters are the rarest. They are our most talented and award-winning Baristas. The attributes for these NFTs include the gradient backgrounds adorned with decorative elements.

Master Barista

Master Barista

These Baristas are a bit harder to get. They are masters of their craft, and have advanced from the barista-level. The attribute for these NFTS includes a gradient background.



Don’t let the title fool you — though junior in their craft, these Baristas, though in training, can make a mean cup of joe! The attribute for these NFTs includes flat colored background.

World Barista Champs

Edition of 1 (5 Total)

Slime Bros. #015

  • Training to win the Barista League competition with partner, Saba
  • Opened café by day and bar by night in Soho, serving honey-based drinks
  • Has Mr. Robusta guest bartend every Friday night but makes him promise not to use pesticides in drinks



Master Barista

Edition of 8 (17 Total)

Chemesses III #003

  • Moved from exclusively hand-pressing espressos to Chemex-made coffee only
  • Still wears favorite shirt, “Dead inside but caffeinated.”
  • Spends most nights sleeping in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Temple of Dendur

Spoiled Milk #006

  • Doesn’t wash hands after using the bathroom
  • Likes to order caramel swirl frozen coffee with sour milk
  • Makes friends watch Train to Busan at every movie night

Moldsworth #009

  • Always recommends storing shokupan in a plastic bag directly in the sun for a natural fermented taste
  • Intentionally under-roasts green coffee beans to get a perfect sour cup 
  • Favorite movie is the 1985 cult-classic film Clue

J.R.O.B #012

  • Decided to inhabit R.O.B. V1 for a couple of weeks
  • Enjoying newly extendable arm mechanisms for pouring multiple lattes at once
  • Can now hop three times as far without spilling a drop cold brew

Boba Bowl #018

  • Tired of swimming in NYC tap water and since joined Boba for a better life
  • Prefers tapioca to pond flakes but worries about recent weight gain
  • Signed up for a dating app as it is getting lonely living alone

Lil Gillman #021

  • Tired of lurking in the depths of the Amazon jungle and decided to join Lil Latte in mom’s basement
  • Works at Sideshows by the Seashore to make ends meet until their rap career takes off
  • Hoping to score a stunt double role for Aquaman 2

Cancri #024

  • Calls 55 Cancri e home but frequently visits Earth to enter barista competitions
  • Started a space junk removal service to remove the 23,000 items of trash currently in orbit
  • Created a drink called “Out of this World,” which is a 32g espresso shot with lunar dust sprinkled on top

Rotten Apple #027

  • Only sources coffees that have fermented for at least 72 hours
  • Known in the barista community as a cheat after being caught rigging coffee machines before the Coffee Masters competition
  • Thinks the 3-second rule is for sissies and will eat any food found on the ground regardless of how long it has been there



Edition of 15 (44 Total)

Saba #001

  • Decided to pursue medical school after latte art Instagram page was hacked to sell cryptocurrency
  • Started small-scale Arabica and Robusta coffee plant operation on her farm to study coffee pests
  • Started using a Chemex after learning its history and seeing it on display at the MoMA

Flavio #002

  • Known as Barista Flavio in the emerging electronic dance opera scene
  • Great-great-grandson of single-serve espresso machine inventor
  • Outraged at the high prices of an espresso shot in NYC compared to Italy



Sir Brews-a-lot #004

  • Joined the Order of Coffee Knights fan club to talk gaming and coffee
  • Recently added part-time work at Medieval Times to LinkedIn page
  • Follows all of Tony’s social media accounts; likes and comments on every single post



Wonderlic #005

  • Doesn’t allow laptop usage or open-toed shoes in café
  • Awarded “Best Q Grader” in the world for both Arabica and Robusta
  • Makes specialty coffee cake with coffee flour, calls it the “Wonderlic Cake”

Abracadabra #007

  • Invented own blend of Arabica beans, Robusta beans, and fairy dust called The Sorcerer’s Blend
  • Likes to post close-up pictures of crema on Facebook and tag family members
  • Uses the spell “Obliviate” to grind coffee

Pothead #008

  • Purchases multiple replacement carafes because OG Mug won’t stop cracking the current one
  • Favorite mantra, “Looking good, feeling good.”
  • Likes to watch Joe DiMaggio‘s 1978 Mr. Coffee commercial and recite it word for word

Death Before Decaf #010

  • Only collects souls that are under-caffeinated by legal standards
  • Spends days sipping Panama Gesha, watching everyone’s hourglass
  • Favorite song is Don’t Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult


OG Mug #011

  • Always asks for free refills of coffee at cafes
  • Uses slingshot outside of the window to try to crack Pothead’s carafe  
  • Draws mustaches and unibrows on NYC subways advertisements

Crabby Pat #013

  • Uses seawater in Breville to add salty kick to lattes
  • Likes to showoff by using claws to pour four pour overs at once
  • Started a coffee club podcast called “Let’s Get Reel” with Bjørnar and Mr. Kraken

Honeywell #014

  • Training to win the Barista League competition with partner, Saba
  • Opened café by day and bar by night in Soho, serving honey-based drinks
  • Has Mr. Robusta guest bartend every Friday night but makes him promise not to use pesticides in drinks


Skeeter #016

  • Thinks e-bikes, bike lanes, and coffee with milk are for cowards
  • Actively petitions for Staten Island to be removed from the 5 Boroughs and gifted to New Jersey
  • Knows 15 ways to successfully carry coffee on your bike commute without spilling a drop


Dr. Arabica #017

  • Designed and tested a neural implant on Wonderlic that gives the ability to perfectly pour over 500 latte art designs
  • Studies the geometry of coffee brewers and how it impacts coffee extraction
  • Joining the upcoming Starship mission to Mars to help bring Arabica Coffee to outer space

Shinobi #019

  • Holds the world record for the highest score in Fruit Ninja 
  • Has since traded in their throwing stars and rope ladder for a portafilter and milk pitcher
  • In a legal battle with Ninja® over theft of name for their questionable coffee-making systems


Zoya #20

  • Has been experimenting with the anaerobic fermentation and plans on submitting next year’s lot to the Cup of Excellence
  • Actively donates to Grounds for Health to help improve women’s health in coffee-growing communities
  • Plans on taking a vacation to visit Saba’s upstate New York farm

Beerista #022

  • Prefers only to extract nectar from Gesha varietal coffee plants
  • Wants to confirm once and for all that honey is not “bee vomit”
  • Owner of Hexagon Café, where everything from ceiling tiles to drinking vessels will be honeycomb shaped


Customer Support #023

  • Inspired by Mr. Robot and now uses low-level hacks to takeover Discord servers
  • Hacked Crypto Baristas founder and commandeered server to sell a pump & dump scheme
  • Learning to hack new La Marzocco machines through their Bluetooth to program poor-tasting shots at competitor cafes

Froppen #025

  • Known to frequent the Scottish Highlands, contributing to some of the highest rainfall in all of Europe
  • Hopes to bring high-end specialty coffee to Glasgow, starting with a solar-powered coffee cart
  • Invented the Cloud™ brewing system that collects, filters, and brews with rainwater


Jen #026

  • Employed as a full-time sensory scientist consultant for large coffee brands around the world
  • Can easily smell and identify all 100 aromas in the Le Nez du Vin and Café kits
  • Started a Twitter account just to retweet WL giveaway posts